Everyone recognises the iconic VW Campervan! Why don’t you take the opportunity to use one as your promotional or advertisement campaign vehicle? These vehicles are bound to make a impression!

Our campervans are fully drivable so you can take them anywhere your campaign takes you. But if you don’t feel comfortable driving one, then the Classic French Vans team can assist.

Custom designs have made this iconic vehicle truly stand out in the past. With our graphic design partners, Now Group, we can design and wrap the vehicle to suit any need. Whether it is corporate branding or a design of your choice, we will work closely with you so you get exactly what you want; the only limitation is our collective imagination.

Our VW campervans are also available to hire for private events and tours. So contact us today and speak to our dedicated team for more information.

A white and patterned custom VW Campervan
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