Winchester Cathedral HY Van Conversion

The project for Winchester Cathedral began when we were contacted by a catering company called Baxter Storey back in 2018, they requested that we would produce a custom built vintage mobile unit as an extension to their catering operation based at Winchester Cathedral.

To do this we used a standard 4.2 meter long van, to make it more appropriate for catering purposes we maximised the internal working space so it provided a more practical catering space but we also ensured that it had a good appearance both inside and outside. With fitted kitchen appliances it was brilliant to see how different the mobile catering unit looked once it was fully fitted with all necessary and requested equipment.

This catering unit was made to be appropriate to serve visitors to the Cathedral; working with Now Group to complete the vinyl graphics we eventually came up with the perfect design for this mobile catering unit based at Winchester Cathedral, with the cathedral being such a beautiful place we wanted to ensure that the spotlight wasn’t stolen from it therefore we kept the graphics nice and simple with a plain colour and use of the logo with the Cathedrals name next to it.

This mobile catering unit was a very simple job as there was just simple kitchen equipment that needed fitting which Classic French Vans include on the majority of their projects and with a basic design it was a simple job but always fun to complete.

With Baxter Storey already having a catering unit based at the cathedral, this was an extension to their catering operation therefore the catering company had very clear ideas on what they wanted which made it easier for Classic French Vans to complete this project as they knew what they were working towards and knew what was needed and required.