Project Description

Ted Baker Vintage Caravan for Promotional Marketing Tour

We recently completed an experiential marketing tour using one of our vintage style caravans. This marketing tour was in partnership with Seed marketing (a London based agency). We worked with one of their clients Ted Baker. The 3 day UK promotion tour took place in many cities including Manchester, Birmingham and London (Oxford).

 Classic French Vans worked with Now Group to complete the vehicle graphics for this promo vehicle, the vehicle graphics really helped to complete the look we were aiming for with this marketing tour as we had set a clear vision as to where we wanted to go and what we were aiming for.

The use of the colours used on the promotional vehicle are the colours of the brand which would’ve helped to have got them recognised easier but also keeping the brand and marketing agency who organised this promotion event aware of what was happening and being planned keeping the promo vehicle basic but still eye catching and recognisable to all people who pass by.

With some amazing added extra details such as the integrated LED light box shelves decorated with the British touch of knick-knacks, it helped turn this food and drink kiosk in to a great success. This project was a great transformation to see with how many extra details got added to both the inside and outside of this promotional vehicle to ensure it was up to the standards of the brand and the marketing agency were happy with what we produced.

This national marketing tour was a great form of advertisement for the Ted Baker brand, due to the interaction with customers and the promotion gained by the use of giving away free tea and toast to all university students who came over to the promotional campaign and got involved with the brand.