Product Launch Promotional Vehicle Tour;

Branded Caravan for Volvic L’Mon

The Volvic L’Mon project was an exceptional project for Classic French Vans; this UK activation tour included a custom built vintage style caravan and a Macho land rover that both got transformed into a bright, bold eye catching promotion vehicle suitable for the national marketing tour that they were about to embark on ready for the launch of their new product.

The promotional tour went on for the duration of two weeks, during this time the promotional campaign went on to take part in a range of cities around the UK including Brighton, London, Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol.

Due to this being an activation tour the fact that the brand were giving away free samples of the newly released product helped to attract even more attention to the promotional campaign. Although the bright colours used on the promotion vehicle definitely drew large amounts of attention towards the brand helping to make it an even better success than it already was.

Again working closely with Now Group to help get the perfect vehicle graphics for this brand they provided the interior and exterior graphics for this promo vehicle. Classic French Vans also worked alongside a marketing agency to get this promotional launch ready but also to ensure all tour logistics were arranged and ready for the tour.

Volvic L’Mon activation tour was a roaring success due to the way that the promotion vehicles stood out in the city centres, the use of the bright colours and the range of colours used would’ve been a major increase in the effect that the promotion campaign had on the brand. The use of two promo vehicles for hire would’ve caught more attention too as they both stood out from the crowd very well.

Overall this was a very successful promotional campaign as word quickly spread about the launch of Volvic’s new product. Classic French Vans were very proud of this project and the whole outcome.