Project Description

Peppercorn Catering HY Van Conversion

The Peppercorn Catering HY Van was a project made for a promotional vehicle hire that was based in Westfield shopping centre in London. The Citroen HY Van was converted from a basic van to a bright blue branded catering truck with still having a touch of the Caribbean that represents the food they serve.

 Working with Now Group to complete the vehicle graphics for this HY Van we added external and internal prints and window graphics to help make this more eye catching to the customers of this catering company. With the promotion vehicle being placed in London we had to ensure it would get noticed and attention so we used a bright blue to get passer bys attention and then added palm trees and Caribbean colours to represent the theme and flavours of the food Peppercorn would’ve been serving out to people.

With this custom built catering unit it was a brilliant approach to make the most of this promotional vehicle due to it being a long term hire. For Peppercorn this was a beneficial approach to advertising their catering services as they were able to sample their products whilst using the vehicle taking full advantage of the vehicles usages.

This project consisted of fitting and supplying kitchen facilities so that the Peppercorn team were able to serve dome of their fried up handmade burgers, whilst on the streets of London. These kitchen supplies were an essential for this brand due to their main aim of this promotion vehicle as they wanted to attract people to their food and advertise what they can do.

With Peppercorn being a London based catering company they were sampling some of the treats they do for weddings, parties and all kinds of events in a main attraction area in London to get there name out and about and with help from the promotion vehicle they definitely achieved what they came to do.