Project Description

MOWI Scotland Modern HY Van Catering Truck Conversion

This Mowi Scotland project began with a brand new Peugeot Van Chassis that Classic French Vans then transformed into a high quality custom built mobile catering vehicle. The main aim for this promo vehicle hire was to be modern, stylish and stand out which was definitely achieved with the bright orange wrap and the interior details that added the modern touch.

This catering unit was fitted with a digital wall mounted screen that the menus were presented off. Classic French Vans also fitted a LPG char grill that was suitable for Mowi to cook the salmon on; this was a key quality for this project to include a cooking station and a menu display.

On this project we worked with Now Group again to get the perfect vehicle graphics, these graphics were the perfect final touch to the promotion vehicle to help really compliment there promotional campaign.

The promotional vehicle was based up in Scotland where they were handing out free grilled salmon pieces; this was to raise awareness for local charities based up in Scotland but also to promote their business and their services that they offer. The custom built catering unit was a challenge but Classic French Vans found the job really enjoyable to complete and felt happy to know all the work and awareness raised was all contributing towards a good cause.

The Mowi Scotland modern mobile catering vehicle was well recognised due to the brand being so well known and the attention it drew with serving food whilst raising awareness for charities. This promotion vehicle travelled up to the Inverness Marina to be able to complete their set task of raising awareness and grilling salmon.

This promotional vehicle really demonstrates what Classic French Vans is capable of completing and what extra touches can be fitted in to a promotional vehicle.