Catering Kiosks at Anfield, Liverpool FC

These branded catering units we completed for Liverpool Football Club made us feel very privileged, too think this was our second job we were about to complete for the club was amazing. This was a very big job for Classic French Vans, to convert 7 shipping containers into a range of various catering units (pizza, burger, chicken, coffee, fish and chips, pies and condiments). These catering units were all converted from basic empty shipping containers into spacious catering areas that were fit for full use, which can be used as food and drink kiosks.

Working closely with Now Group to complete the graphics and design for the interior and exterior of these 7 catering units, we came up with 7 different ideas for each kiosk; the aim was to have them all with different designs to help indicate that each unit was offering something different. We met this idea by having a different variety of colour and pattern on each with a small image to represent what was being served at each catering unit.

Each food and drink kiosk was being placed around the outside of the Anfield Stadium, this made it easy for the public and the people attending the stadium to find these catering units and explore the range of food and drink they had going on.

The shipping containers were a big conversion for Classic French Vans as it involved having to complete the build and fitting from scratch, we fitted into each of the catering units a kitchen area, each area had different pieces of equipment fitted to suit the style that was necessary. These branded catering units were all fitted with essentials too, such as taps etc…

Overall, this was an amazing project for Classic French Vans and to see the final result was fantastic.