Project Description

Liverpool FC Anfield Concert HY Vans

For this project Classic French Vans converted 7 HY Vans to custom built catering units, this project was for an event at Anfield where various artists performed at. These food and drink kiosks were placed near to the Anfield stadium so they attracted a lot of custom with their quirky take on how to serve food at an event.

Classic French Vans were able to transform these 7 Citroen HY Vans into custom built catering units that Liverpool Football club can serve their food out of. These custom built catering units were all designed to include fitted kitchens so that the food can be freshly cooked and served. With a hot box being included in some of the units it was perfect for the brand as they offer street food.

These HY vans all had different areas related to food and drink however they were all the same brand so were designed to be the same but also be clear on the fact that they are different and do all offer different services and products. The HY Vans had very little room and space but Classic French Vans was able to convert the kitchen area into a spacious and safe area to be able to cook and serve the food. The change in the HY vans was noticeable and helped to attract people to the vans to see what they were like.

Working with Now Group to complete the vehicle graphics for these HY Vans was a major impact on the overall appearance of these catering units, using a different colour for each van helped to make them more eye catching and noticeably different to each other, this helped people to recognise each catering unit was providing and serving different products.

The catering units were a promo vehicle hire that was a long term as they were all used for further events.