Tuk Truk Modern Catering Vehicle & Vintage Food Trucks

This Edinburgh University project consisted of 2 custom built catering units, one vintage HY Van for on the university campus and one modern HY Van unit for the city and further events. The promotion vehicle project for this was a challenge due to the vehicle being rebuilt from scratch by Classic French Vans; this rebuild included complete fabrication service and full customisation to the specific requirements for this to be suitable for the catering purpose.

Classic French Vans also included a fully fitted kitchen with work space suitable to uses. With full use of all kitchen supplies this was perfect for use and reached the highest of standards. We then went on to work with Now Group to complete the vehicle graphics that really finished off this catering unit.

The choice of the vibrant colours really helped to get this Promotional catering truck noticed as the in the streets of Edinburgh it can be hard to stand out but that was no worry for this modern HY Van. The vintage style HY Van also stood out amazingly in the university grounds due to its exceptionally bright colours; this helped to attract university students to the mobile catering unit.

With string fairground light bulbs added for extra decoration it bought in warmth to the promotion catering vehicle, attracting more attention but also making it look more appealing and smart. Classic French Vans will add decoration on to promotion vehicles or catering units to help you and your business get that extra attention and increase how successful your project will be.

These branded catering trucks were a very successful project for Classic French Vans as they were a long term promo vehicle hire as they were done at the end of 2017 and are still out now in 2019. Overall this is a very successful project.