DW Watches Branded Caravan Hire for Promotional Marketing Tour

The Daniel Wellington project began with a vintage caravan provided by Classic French Vans and later on turned into a promotional vehicle fit for a promotional tour around the UK.  The activation tour was promoting their new watches visiting cities including Manchester, Birmingham, and Liverpool with then finishing the week long promotion campaign in Bristol.

Classic French Vans fitted in to the vintage caravan a set of shelves to be able to promotes there new products off with it still looking appealing and presentable.

With the promotion vehicle holding on to the basic facilities to make it still suitable for regular use and ensuring the Daniel Wellington team are still able to use some facilities that are fitted in to the advertisement vehicle.  This was ensuring that the general appearance was not ruined. Ensuring to keep the general public who are passing by interested and keen to stop and have a look at what is being advertised.

This branded promotion vehicle had graphics done by Now Group who helped to complete this transformation from a vintage caravan into a smooth looking promotion vehicle. The interior and exterior graphics both helped to ensure that what Classic French Vans were already working towards was completed with a smart and smooth appearance to match what the brand represents.

Whilst working with a marketing agency to ensure that the promotional vehicle will be done correctly and safely Classic French Vans stepped up to the mark when they presented the finished advertisement vehicle to the Daniel Wellington team.

 This experimental marketing product turned out to be a great success for both Classic French Vans and the Daniel Wellington team as the promotional vehicle attracted many of customers who noticed the promotion campaign and were interested as to what the brand were advertising as their newly launched product.

Once again Classic French Vans came out on top with this project and look forward to the next challenge.